Social Feature Request

I would like the ability to block stranger communication on my account without blocking social features entirely. I like the ability to use in game clans, channels, have a friends list, and talk in game with people I know. However, I personally never gain anything from hearing what my opponents have to say, particularly if I don’t know them. It is never useful, and it is where almost all the social abuse in games comes from. In Heroes of the Storm, it is impossible for the enemy team to talk to you, and it’s even possible to disable team chat. In hearthstone, an unfriended enemy cannot type to you. I would appreciate the option to make set ups like that universal, so I can enjoy that peace of mind, but still have social features like my friends list and clan. I primarily play StarCraft II, but being able to make it an account universal that I can’t read enemy chat in games would make me very happy.

Thank you!