So..about this blizzard app that was remove and nearly heart

As per context here and i haven’t used this blizzard launcher and this app like 4 years ago. I’m currently on trip with my family in S Korea and I was browsing my emails and noticed that authenticator app has been removed. It nearly gave heart attack, thinking, the hacker managed to access my account which i haven’t used it so long. I changed password and i am able to access my account as if nothing happens.

The next thing that i read it at the end, i was able to reset this passwords like three times. Am i being paranoid or what?

(Sorry for typos because im using my phone.)

You are being wise and safe. Always question odd things like that.

What you ran into with the Authenticator is the change to the Battlenet Authenticator. Anyone using the mobile Auth needed to migrate it to the new one that is integrated into Battlenet. If you did not do that, then it would have eventually been removed for you and you would have needed to then secure the account via password change.

keep in mind if you lose your phone with the authenticator on it you will be forever stuck in a loop which required an authenticator to remove authenticator lol.

Do make files and copies of everything as you will be asked for details that is never going to be remembered.

This is completely untrue. It does take some work to get an account back if you lose the entry criteria, but Blizzard most certainly can help recover accounts.

The most common mistake people make when trying to do that, is replying to the “DO NOT REPLY” email.

They need to re-open a ticket if they can, or create a new ticket and start by referencing the first ticket number. Then provide the info via that ticket.

Ah thanks for the reply and it nearly gave me heart attack for this. So i was about to change the password into stronger and decide to keep this app.

So does this mean i have to keep this old one so that i can use it later? Or just stick with new change just like that?