Slow Update Game initiation

It seems like for the last year, every time there is a game update, clicking update, yields a 3-5 min (or more) waiting time before it even starts to download anything. It gets the manifest and size details in under a min (a few seconds) and then just sits there.

I loaded Chrome, searched the forum, created this thread, and typed the entire paragraph above, alt tabbed, and it still hadn’t started. Just as I alt tabbed back, it started.

So what seems to be the big hurdle here? It’s now downloading at 3.5MB/s or .43 Mb/s
On a 250 MB or 31.25 Mb connection:

a) that seems kinda slow considering I’m unthrottled in your app.
b) also seems kinda slow for your systems to even start the download.

What have you done in the last year to the Bnet app, that is causing these delays to even start, let alone the use of available bandwidth?

Even running a speed test while this update is running (appears my ISP may have upped my bandwidth) it yields 546.2 Mb/s compared to your piddley < 1Mb/s

It also appears that it took your systems 75% of the total download size (4.3GB) to Ramp up to 18-20 MB/s which is STILL ONLY a fraction of what I’m capable of. Which is 3.22GB transferred before it achieved that throughput.

OH look! It’s finally done 8 mins later… Maybe if your systems were faster, threads like this wouldn’t have time to be created.

Doing the math, it should have taken under 70s to transfer the entire update, and yet it took over 180 seconds to even start, and an additional 300s to complete.

iv been having the same issue I go to update Call of duty and its like I’m throttled but I’m not in the app and i download at 2.3gb/s on speed test net and in discord i have no problem. When I update in blizzard I’m downloading in KB/s.