Shadows in Warzone become Blocky and Pixelated

Same here:

I understand what you are saying.
As stated, it is different in Australia.
Our consumer law states the “point of sale” is responsible/liable for the warranty/returns.

That’s what I’m saying as well. In this case, it’s the same in the US.

If someone is looking for a return specifically, it would be through Bliz. But because this thread was a request to fix a bug, I took your post to mean that Bliz should be the one responsible to fix it.

Is Activision looking into fixing this issue as I see many people have been posting across many different boards with the same problem? I do not understand how/why the developers would do such an update that affects so many customers. If not, rest assured that this will be the last Activision/Blizzard product I will invest in.

I don’t know unfortunately. They are a separate company with their own priorities, time tables, support, development, bug fixing, etc.

I only follow Blizzard so I never know what Activision is up to.

Im Also having the Same issue Using a GTX 770

You’ll need to do what was instructed near the start of the thread.

damn this problem it’s a PITA

I have a GTX 660 TI and can confirm have the same problem !!

did someone found a solution?

Be sure to let Activision know. Bliz isn’t involved in the development of the CoD games.

I saw this thread mentioning the issues, but no fixes.

I am having the Same issue as well. It happened after that Rambo update. When ever the sun hits we see block pixalated shadows on the ground level… any fix???

You’ll have to check with Activision. Bliz isn’t involved in the CoD games’ development in any way.

This is correct, and due to this we don’t really have any technical support for in-game issues. As mentioned on previous replies, refer to Activision support and/or forums for more information on these types of problems.