Shadowlands Feedback/Suggestion

Hi Blizzard,

I have been playing WoW since release and every expansion since that. I did not feel a great connection to BFA and took over a year off, only to return to when you released Classic. Replaying Classic was like a breath of fresh air into a series that I truly love. I loved how each class felt different and important, and how groups needed certain classes. Playing Classic got me curious as to what BFA was about now and after looking at it, the only thing I really like about it is your visual updates.

Everything seems very fast paced and dungeons seem so focused on how quickly the group can AOE. There doesn’t seem to be a need to crowd control and take your time to plan. In Classic, I find that every dungeon group communicates a lot while progressing through the 15 year old dungeons that everyone knows. Whereas in BFA, no one says a word in a new dungeon and just blindly AOEs everything down. In Classic, if you overpull just one mob it can cause a wipe. I get that people like the flashiness of quick slice and dice abilities but it takes away some of fun and importance of auto attacks and progression.

Maybe I’m holding onto something that doesn’t exist anymore in modern gaming, but I think that someone should take notice that the gameplay in a 15 year old game feels more engaging and rewarding than the current iteration. I know that Shadowlands is already in development but hopefully there is still time to make some changes and take what worked for Classic WOW and implement it into current WOW.

Thank you for reading and your consideration.