Shadowlands buggy, no help

I didn’t want Shadowlands. On 10/20 Blizz shoved it down my throat. OK, adapt and overcome. When playing previously I kept Wowhead open so I could go back and forth getting quest information. Now I can’t because when I go to Wowhead and come back, the screen pixillates. If I accidentally hit an icon for anything outside of WoW, the screen pixillates. Serious programming bug. Yesterday I went online to support, tried to start a chat. It said I was first in line, 1 minute wait. 30 minutes later I gave up. Is Blizzard making a conscious effort to drive players away?

Hey Thorbane,

This forum is for feedback on the desktop game launcher app, not for any of the individual games. If you’re looking for technical support for World of Warcraft, you want to post in the WoW forums, specifically the Technical Support form for PC or Mac.