Shadowbanned and no reason why

I’ve been shadow banned for not hacking and end up in a room with a 350 ping full of hackers. Aim bots and things i never seen before. It started with an update and downhill it went. Why would i spend close to $400.00 on a game and hack to be in this situation. Come on team. You have to do better.

I am dealing with the same issue. I have tried to get in contact with people about this. I have played on console since the release, I bought a PC because I started getting more into streaming, and I have been able to play one game. I am so upset and frustrated by the entire thing and I can’t get anyone to respond.

The whole process is an absolute joke. I typically play PUBG and do very good but occasionally like to play Warzone. I joined a match earlier today and left before the game started as my friend on xbox wanted to start a party. Proceeded to try to start my 2nd game and found myself shadow banned for no reason. My KD in warzone is horrible to say the least. If I was cheating I pretty damn sure i’d have a better record. Chances are all it takes is a console player to spam the report button for cheating at it is game over. IMO, this is really going to kill the cross platform gameplay. I have spent a lot of money on my computer and would never go back to console. I’d be willing to let install software on my PC to actively scan it because I have nothing to hide. If you are going to ban somebody provide proof and logic to your reasoning. Not just the simple fact that people that suck spam a report button. You should be banning the people that are consistently making false accusations. Hope you are glad to know that I will never spend a dime on microtransactions after this experience.

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I have filed a BBB complaint. I suggest you do also.

I just got banned on overwatch. No reason at all. Ive never hacked in my life