Shaders, Temps, FPS

Gripe - After many of the update patches or season updates the shaders in Modern Warfare have to re-install. So you spend 2 to 10 minutes getting a new patch or download then you spend 20 minutes waiting for shaders to re-install and in each type of game play, i.e. campaign, multiplayer, coop and warzone. I have never seen this in any other game. It is frustrating.

I would also like opinions on playing in windowed mode or full screen. I have a EVGA nvidia 1660 SC Ultra and it runs rather hot in windowed mode but much cooler in full screen. I track it using evga precision X1. Temps for the GPU run about 79 to 82 C in windowed mode and FPS average 64. In full screen temps run an average 59 to 63 C and FPS average 73 and game play is much sharper and fluid. Anyone else have this experience?