Several API calls to classic API result in "404 not found"


some API calls seem to not work anymore, even when triggered from the example pages (e.g. https_develop.battle.net_documentation_world-of-warcraft-classic_game-data-apis).
Some work, some don’t.
The “GET Item API”, as an example, returns this:
“code”: 404,
“type”: “BLZWEBAPI00000404”,
“detail”: “Not Found”


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I have also been getting the result for days. Is there any official info about this?

I can confirm the issue.

Even the examples in the API documentation fails:

Request URL
Response Status

404 Not Found
Response Headers

content-type: application/json;charset=UTF-8
Error Body

  "code": 404,
  "type": "BLZWEBAPI00000404",
  "detail": "Not Found"

Same for me too. Seems like it’s an issue on their side. I posted this on their Bug Report Discussion, but not much has happened so far.

Would you mind sharing the link ? I will upvote it.


I think i found the solution to this by accident. You have to have all variables in lowercase.
Eg for your username “Thurgal”, use “thurgal”. worked for me atleast.

I still have the problem with /data/wow/item/{itemId} requests.

Nearly 3 weeks with the API down. That’s a shame :confused:

@blizzard this still isn’t working. Any update on this?

This seems to be a problem with the current namespace, it is not properly responding to the standard static-classic-us, but it is working for static-10.0.7_48520-us.

As a workaround we can use one of the search endpoints (I tested on the creature search) and get the current namespace.

EDIT: I used the latest retail namespace by mistake, the classic data is not present even for search endpoints.

Seems like only dynamic-classic-<region> namespaces are working. All static-classic-<region>, which are responsible for items/media/powers, aren’t, for all regions.

Not all dynamic namespaces are working either, for example the pvp-season endpoints return 404 as well. It has been almost two months now, is there any progress on this?

Any updates on the static-classic namespaces? I’m still unable to query classic items.

fyi you can use a specific builds namespace as a workaround, for example static-3.4.1_47245-classic-us seems to work for at least some of the endpoints (like item data)

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Seems the service (at least the one I tried to use in the first place) is working again.