"Session expired, please try again" Error


We are investigating an issue reported by a few people here on the forums and need your help collecting some information about the devices this Authenticator attachment flow is failing on.

If you are experiencing this issue please provide the following information about your device and the Authenticator to assist us in resolving the issue.

  • Android or iOS
  • Operating System Version (Android 11.0, iOS 14.0, etc)
  • Authenticator Version (please make sure your app is up to date via your platforms app store)
  • If on Android - Chrome Web Browser version

Please refrain from including any personal or account information (e.g. backup/restore codes, emails, phone numbers, etc).

Thank you for your assistance!

– Kraiden

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Try clearing cookies/cache.
Model: SM-A310F\DS Android 7

“Session expired, please try again”
OS: Android 6.0.1
Authenticator Version:
Chrome Version: 87.0.4280.66

Edit: As of 28th Dec 2020 this is now working as expected for me, updated version details below.
OS: Android 6.0.1
Authenticator Version:
Chrome Version: 87.0.4280.101

I have same problem. I am trying to add authenticator but getting this error constantly. I have changed my password and checked authenticator’s permissions. Using galaxy note 5 android 7.0 and I dont have any problem with browser logins on pc.

edit: Oh just noticed it is us forum. I am eu player btw.