Server Went Down 3:00CT

No profile data is sync’d post login. All characters missing.

SAME HERE !! 2 hours of playing wasted. I dont think the game was ready for release. lol

Happy to be one of the few who even got to log on and play :wink:

i just got staff booo! lol

Me too. I was lvl 7 or 8 assassin and the server kicked me. When I got back online my character was totally gone, like I just started the game for the first time.

i made it to 18, zealer ftw

when they reboot server your character will still be there happened to me earlier on actual launch

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Looks like it was scheduled’ish.
Profiles back up but Game Create/Login Down.

When the server went down earlier people streaming on YouTube had updates like a time when it was coming back… anybody know where they got that info?

last time the info was posted on

I don’t use twitter so I have no idea. Be nice if someone would post down time approx.

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No twitters for me either lol

Aprox 45 mins to an hour. It was posted on the CS twitter and on the D2R forums.

Thanks a lot @misscheetah

Thank you, thank you! Dunno why I couldn’t find that in the forums. Well, duh! Maybe it’s the title.

It is buried in a thread so it did not pop out. There is a tab on the forums that lets you find Blue posts which is how I found it.

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you know if you were the company you were be for you sold out this would not of happened. maybe try beta testing your stuff longer like come on blizzard the company i knew did not push out crap.

Well, I am not a company. I also don’t work for Blizzard.

MVPs are other players who are willing to answer questions and provide links to resources and support articles. Kind of like I did in this thread.

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