Server problem and Taiwan's customer service

Hi Blizzard,
We are a group of old players who love games.
When playing the recently revised World of Warcraft, we are in various raids, the world map regardless of PVP or PVE, regardless of the game experience, caused very serious delays and unpleasantness.
I don’t know if the game servers in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau have been upgraded, but he seems to be unable to withstand all the pressure on the new version, and there is no sound of improvement at the moment, because the servers in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau do not seem to have an official administrator. All the faces have to be filled in manually and then waited, or the parent company of the game seems to be completely unaware of the various problems that occur to our players and servers.
Looking at the first kill of the world BOSS, we can only watch the BOSS directly LAG make two consecutive moves to kill the team, and the game player’s spell casting is completely unrecognizable. This caused a serious delay on the server all night and then multiple casts, causing players to feel more and more that many players do not want to play.
In the world map, even extracting herbs or picking up treasures from corpses are in a delayed state