Server Disconnected

First IDK if this is the right spot to create this topic.

Second I dont speak english very well, but I can understand.

I need your guys help, tryed everything.

Me and more than 20,000 people have this annoying error, I have already formatted my computer twice, spent the game four, reset the modem settings, contact an internet operator that performed several tests, but without success, I can’t play COD Cold War and neither COD War zone, nor MW, nothing of you that I can play. I always get the error “Server disconnected”, I work with live stream, and my current focus is on the cod, but I can’t because whenever I’m playing I take disconnect.

Error: http s://p rnt. sc/w 62fux
People with same error: https:// prnt. sc/w6 2g2y
http s://prnt .sc /w62g6n
htt ps://prnt .sc/w 62gan

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I’ve been getting the blizzard disconnect since beta and every response from them has said it is on my end, even though I have covered all my bases, but hey it’s Blizzard they will blame everything else before taking the blame.

i have also been getting disconnected alot. funny thing is this doesnt happen on my ps4 when playing warzone only on so guess what it is on your end.