Server Disconnect

Bruh I play call of duty modern ware fare multiplayer every single day and every single day I’ll be mid match and it will black screen me then say you have been disconnected from battlenet servers!!! Every single day!! How tf does that happen when more than half my team is on battlenet also and they don’t get kicked?!. We are in the same state running same kind of Wi-Fi and on battlenet on pc yet I get disconnected every single day! Fix this BS


ive been sitting here changing and researching a thousand things. messing with my network adapter in the settings, rolling back updates on my driver etc. Nothing has worked. Probably one of the most frustrating things. There has to be a solution im sure there are thousands of people going through the same thing. if anybody has a solution please help!

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Any luck with this? I updated my drivers on 10/31 and then have not been able to play since. I am getting the same disconnected code and having to quit out to desktop.

Hi, the server dropped right at the beginning of the game in Overwatch 2. I got a 15 min ban for it. Anyone else have the same issue?