Separate Friends List

  1. Q: Can I still pop out the Friends List separate from my Launcher? I want to put it on my Second Monitor.

A: That feature is gone from the New Launcher version. Please be sure to add to the feedback in the Desktop App Feedback forum

WHY did you do that??

Please make it possible to separate the friends list from the App!
Having the whole App open is so ugly and unnecessary. I want the simple Friends List back!


Why they did it? Well like someone else said, the devs and PMs don’t actually use the client, so of course they thought nobody uses this.
Everyone’s ----ing about the new client. I don’t understand why they though the new client UI was a good idea at all. It’s awful, and everyone says so.
Blizz’s PMs reminding me of the useless terrible (at their job) PMs my company has.


They took the friends window away because they could - and probably 'cause corporate demanded it for some stupid reason!

People were begging for the Friends Window back all through Beta and they just ignored us! Well, now they shoved it in everyone’s faces and they’re getting a backlash, surprise, surprise!

Keep the backlash goin’, everyone; it’s the only way we’ll ever get the Friends Window back now that they nuked the Classic Launcher.