"Security verification expired, please start over." error when I try to add phone # for SMS

When I try to add my phone number for Blizzard SMS phone notifications, I get a “Security verification expired, please start over.” error. I try to start over and I get the same message. I even tried logging out and back in, however, I still get the error message.

I used the Add Blizzard Phone Notifications link from here… https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/26824

I originally had an error on the authenticator so I selected the “Enter manually” option. Not sure if this has anything to do with it.

I can provide a pic showing the error.

UPDATE: I just checked and I already have my phone added. If that’s the reason it’s causing an error, then that’s a terrible error message that should be fixed. It’ll help to cut down on support tickets.


Same here thanks for replying blizzard.

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Do we have a fix to this yet? Mine is doing it as well. Terrible company, terrible

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same happened to me but I got no help from them thanks to #dl_techgram on Instagram who was able to fix it for me i suggest you message him I’m sure he’ll help You

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Same here, still can’t get mine to work. Go go Blizzard!

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this flow (trying to enable sms protect if you already have a phone number on your account) is still broken in 2022 and gives the same misleading error message.

Same, and now they want you to do this to play overwatch 2, but STILL haven’t fixed this??? Wtf Blizzard???

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