Secrets Of Azeroth - Missing Blue?

When is Blizzard going to give a response to people IN THE GAME of what they are doing to resolve the bug where many of us are missing the daily reset ? for Secrets of Azeroth. I’ve completed achievements up to ‘A Proper Burial’. The only reason I could do the 2 ‘Key Mold’ items was because we didn’t need the ‘breadcrumb’ start. ‘Proper burial’ requires an item from the first quest to talk to the 2nd person. I’ve done all the ‘Delete add ons’; reset Cache/interface/WTF files; zoned in and out on several level 70 alts; deleted ‘old’ notes from my bags; nothing is working; I HAVE submitted several bug reports. WHY the crickets from Blizzard as to what’s being done? Since today is the 11th, we only have 4 more days to complete in a timely fashion. Ok, so you extended the date; BUT if you don’t fix it, HOW do we complete it at all? COme on Blizzard, the ‘silence’ from you on this is unacceptable.

wring forum dude you may wana head over to the wow bug form here Bug Report - World of Warcraft Forums

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How do you make a Forum thread? I have somthing Important to say but Blizzard seems to make it Impossible to speak out.