Secondary Gear Rankings reset back to zero

My secondary gear ranks have reset back to zero. What do I do to fix?

Update: 01/10/2023
Heard back from Blizzard.
at this time, the support team is not able to support Diablo Immortal ingame issues, this may change in the future but only the developers can take a deeper look,

Very disappointed to hear this as it pretty much sounds like if you get this your account is screwed. I will be deleting my account and game as a result. I hope no one else gets this in the future or Blizzard takes the time to investigate and fix this issue.

So I had another player provide a possible fix, if you saved a load out in your armory before your rankings reset and load that it will restore your rankings to the gear. So there is a little hope. Good luck to anyone that is having to read this.