"scheduled maintenance"

I feel like this is really another unscheduled outage to fix things and not really “scheduled maintenance.”

You keep taking my playing time in the morning from me with this unscheduled “scheduled maintenance.”

So now another hour of Scheduled maintenance? This has to stop or I’m gonna go buy a PS5 and be done with this junk. I’ve loved this game and still do, but Why Oh Why can’t they make something that actually works? If they extend this maintenance I think it will be the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. do maintenance at night on the server that needs it. you can’t tell me that 7am till 8am is a good server time to do an update because for me on the east coast it is 10am till 11am. Devs are DO NOT CARE ABOUT PLAYERS, JUST DOLLARS!

This appears to be another unscheduled maintenance. I would be more understanding and supportive if Blizz would say that they are addressing issues with the game and are fixing things to make the game better. Just be honest with the subscribers.

Yes but that would mean that they would have to physically own up to making a mistake and they would never admit that.

This game is becoming unstable. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been disconnected from the game or been phased to another server in the middle of a kill. It’s not my ISP. Over 5 to 6 support feedbacks for them to fix my reputation page that was crashing my UI when attempting to view reputation before BfA expansion. That’s not counting the bugs players exploit when they tire of the game. We need more maintenance.