Scan for Games does not locate game install folders

This is an issue if my computer recovers from say a BSoD. Battle Net App will say that I have no games installed when I open it.

I go to the downloads section, click the “Scan for Games” and it finds no games. I am also unable to “Locate games” because if I navigate to the install folder the .exe will be hidden from the file browsing window.

Manually navigating to the install folder and clicking on the .exe will prompt the Battle Net App to recognize the install when the program tries to start running. This is required for every .exe every time this happens.

This is a new problem I’ve had with the new Battle Net App, the old version of the app had trouble finding my games, but “Scan for Games” would return results when I used it.

I don’t need assistance finding my games, I just wanted to point out an issue I’ve run into.

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mine is doing same thing ,but mine is saying ,this folder doesnt contain the correct version of this game.please check the installation path and try again.but i was playing it today and turned it of for 1 hr come back and this. im over these cod game. one minute its fine next its crap.
i try to buy but it says i have brought it but dont work