Rubber banding so bad it's unplayable

Well i guess i can’t play the beta this weekend. I sure hope this game gets fixed. The rubber banding is so bad and I have high speed internet and a brand-new kick-butt ASUS laptop with 64 gigs of RAM, Nvidia Geforce RTX video, 144 hz, … etc. etc… I updated the drivers, turned off my virus and firewall and have tried everything I can think of and the game is so janky that I can barely play… i hit an attack button and 1 to 2 seconds later my attack goes off… i can’t time dodges because the rubber banding is so bad… i can’t move around corners without getting sucked back 2-3 inches on the screen… it’s making me nauseas too. WTF is going on Blizzard!!! If you are going to have a BETA, please make it playable… jeeeezuss is this a new game company or a million-dollar company? This game is definitely not ready for release.


I’ve largely had the same issue. Most of Friday mid afternoon and all night, then again most of the day Saturday. If the game releases in this state for the price payed to play it is going really bad for an already shaky launch reputation. If they wanted to beta test lag, disconnects, error code upon error code then they certainly got what they wanted. I just wish I had more time to play test. It’s horrific for a beta and I don’t think 3 months is going to fix it.

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