Rock 'n' Roll Racing impressions

First i must let you know i got the PS4 version
Thank you Blizzard for this collection and thank you also for including RUSH in the game’s soundtrack, Judas Priest is also a nice addition
I love the game (Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing) and i play it almost everyday
Having played the game extensively here are my personal impressions:

All four versions (including 4 player mode) run smooth (i haven’t noticed any lag or frame rate drops), great conversions, perfect ports, flawless emulation
I have enjoyed this game more than some current generation racing games, it is vey fun and addicting
I have experienced some bugs and audio glitches but it’s an overall great experience, and the gameplay feels a little bit tighter than its original 16 bits counterparts’
Concerning the different versions, when it comes to difficulty level Definitive Edition seems more approachable and Sega Genesis version is definitely the hardest
SNES version features better graphics and better sound than the Genesis version, on the other hand Sega Genesis version features more tracks
4 player mode is a blast to play, you can play it alone, by yourself and it rocks
It seems the game (all four versions) is more challenging when racing in the first two planets: Chem VI and Drakonis, once you advance to Bogmire and the rest of the planets and upgrade your vehicle, it gets a little bit easier, this is due to cornering sliding, specially in tight turns; improving your tires slightly help lessen the effect and partially solve the issue; and for the look of things, Battle Trak and Havac vehicles have better traction
If you run out of ammo, you can outrace your rivals with skilled driving and that’s a plus
That being said, the game is amazing, a true classic and has aged well
Congratulations Blizzard, you did a good job

Now i would like to make a formal request:
Bring back “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath, it would make the game/collection perfect (original soundtrack complete)
Add online play (it would be a awesome)
If possible, add more songs (hard rock/heavy metal classics) to Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing Definitive Edition and 4 player mode
Add the option to switch to Larry’s original lines (SNES version) to Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing Definitive Edition and 4 player mode
Add save option to Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing Definitive Edition
If possible, add Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing music to Collection Museum
Fix the bugs and audio glitches (this is a must)
Develop a Rock ‘n’ Racing sequel/new iteration with new racing drivers, new vehicles, new weapons, new tracks, new soundtrack, new game modes, etc

I am enjoying the game so much :grin: :grinning: :+1:
Again, thanks for this collection, i expected this for years , it is a gamer’s dream come true

OK, that’s it, have a good day

The save option at Definitive Edition would be good as Blackthorne has.