Rock n Roll Racing Definitive Edition music

Blizzard: Please, please, please, I’m begging you, add the option for SNES music in the Definitive Ddition of Rock n Roll Racing. I LOVE what you’ve done with the Definitive Ddition. Such a cool, unexpected surprise the work you put into it.

However, I don’t want to listen to the normal CD versions of the real life songs. For me, the SNES music is what made it so memorable. It’s just not the same hearing the real music. I went into the options, and was so excited when I saw the option to change music! Choices are good, and I’m sure tons of people will love that you put the real CD quality versions of songs in there.

I switched to “chip” and was absolutely devastated to hear it’s the god awful Genesis version of the soundtrack, not SNES. There is only CD and Genesis for choices in the Definitive Edition. No option for SNES music. That boggles my mind and crushes my soul. Please, I beg you, add SNES alongside CD and Chip in the options for the Definitive Version.

If I want to play this awesome version of the game you guys made, with widescreen support, new effects, and other cool features, I have to listen to - for me personally - a much, much less enjoyable soundtrack, and the sountrack is the main point of the game. I can play the SNES version you included if I want that sountrack, but then I miss out on all the cool new things you did in the Definitive Version, and seeing as I own the SNES cartridge and a SNES, the entire reason I bought this was for those cool new features like widescreen. I feel like a tiny update to add that extra music option to the new version would fix all this.


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Strangest thing about this is on the Switch version of the game, the chip version of music was the SNES version. I got it on my PlayStation and for some reason it’s the terrible Genesis version. Why is it different on the Switch vs the PlayStation version? There’s gotta be a way to switch the music.

Weird. The version I have is the Switch version, and “chip” is the Genesis music. That’s super strange…

That is incredibly strange. That was the only way I was able to play all the way through the game. There’s gotta be a way to switch it to the SNES music… x_x

Anyone even notice that that they took a song out too cause its not there

My version came with the SNES chip music. But I encountered a glitch… The “power of the horde” swalling every music LUL Song overlapping glitch RRR definitive

My theory about the “version” you get is that it depends on your region maybe. I bought the game digitally from the brazilian Nintendo store for my switch. Are you EU or US?

Maybe I’m missing something really obvious, but I didn’t find any options to change the music on the Definitive Edition. I’m playing on PC. Is it missing on this version?

Bring back “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath
Add online play
Add new/more songs (hard rock/heavy metal classics) to Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing Definitive Edition
And i agree with the person that wrote the post, add the option for SNES music in the Definitive Edition of Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing


Need what’s listed above and sooner than later cause interest is going to fizzle fast for some… I just want my definitive edition to be truly “definitive”.

I was a sucker and thought trophy support would be a thing which is why I bought it twice. Why my switch version has SNES chip tunes and the PS4/5 version has Genesis music is beyond me. It looks like the PC version may not even get an option… Someone needs to fix all of this…

Not letting this thread die until something is done…

On a strange note… I thought I figured out a solution… I was playing the SNES version because I couldn’t handle the CD music or the Genesis chip music. I went to definitive edition and entered the password from that playthrough. I was going to show how bad the chip music was to my girlfriend and lo and behold, there was SNES music. I ran the race and it was great. Since I thought I found a solution, I quit the game and entered the password again. Much to my dismay there was the Genesis music. I thought I’d try running the SNES version first to maybe see if it set the chip music to memory but that didn’t help. It’s just defaulted to Genesis music again. I have no idea why it switched… Someone please fix this already… x_x

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Just to share the information
I own the PS4 version and when you switch the music options to chip the SNES soundtrack is played
And i can assure you that because i used to own a Sega Genesis console and i played Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing to death and definitely it’s not the Genesis soundtrack
Just letting you know

It’s not like that for me and I have the PS4 version. My switch version did play the SNES music though. Definitely don’t get it.

That’s very weird, i can reaffirm the chip soundtrack from my PS4 game is, in deed, the SNES soundtrack
I was playing a couple of hours ago and i can reassure/confirm the SNES soundtrack is the default chip music option, no trace of the Genesis soundtrack in my PS4 game version

Guessing Blizzard doesn’t really read these because after all this time nothing’s been done to help choose what music you’re getting which is incredibly unfortunate. Would love to play definitive edition with SNES music and not Genesis music… Guess it’s just the SNES version that’s played or nothing at all… :\

Seriously though, how much money will it take to get chip-SNES and chip-Genesis into the definitive edition? It seems like chip just randomly plays a song from SNES or Genesis.