Ride the D2 Beta Until Release, PLZ

There are a lot of us whom enjoy Diablo.

I have only played D3. Have it on PC and Xbox One. I have grinded the sh*t out of both platforms to the point I have all the sets on both along with numerous seasonal items, pets, paragon points, etc.

The Diablo community is dedicated and there are numerous others whom have way more time invested than me. I mean, the game came out in 2012. Almost 10 years and we are still grinding it.

All I am asking is Devs, can we please grind this D2 Beta until release? I find myself exploring every area of the map along with killing everything. Just actually realized how to equip other skills along with upgrading items, lol.

Anyway, loving D2 :slightly_smiling_face:

The Executive Producer and Community Lead both sent out reminders today that the Beta ends Monday August 23rd at 10am Pacific Time. Convert to your time zone if you don’t live on the West Coast of the US.

Also keep in mind, none of the Beta progress is kept. That is all deleted before launch.

No worries, I’d seen where everything would be deleted.

Just wanted to grind the beta like we’d grind a season.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

have you considered asking on the correct forum?

this is the diablo 1 forum