Retrieving Details


I’m posting this here per request, i’ve tried every single troubleshooting there is to fix it, but still the same issue is on-going.

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Thank you.


Getting this too, can’t go online, can’t see friends and getting retrieving details. Started today. On all my accounts.


Same here, tried all suggested steps (Logout, change region, reset password, delete cache, run as admin etc …)


Same here. If I wait a bit after logging in I sometimes see some people online but there are still a lot with the “retrieving details” message.


Me and my friends also have the same problem. Maybe it’s a coincendence but it started after we added a friend that hasn’t used battlenet in a while. (like 15-20 min ago) i’ve also tried every step but hasn’t worked so far. It loads in parts of my friend list after a while but when i play a game they all go away again


i no longer have this issue, for the past 2 days it’s been fine.

Retrieving Details