Restriction Time. How to tell how long?

I am playing D2LOD classic online and seem to have gotten a restriction for too many games in too short a time. I was making mules to store my “goodies”. Is there a way to tell how long a restriction is? I don’t want to log in again as I’m told that just pushes it forward. I dont want to lose all of my loot as if its 14 days then my Mules will vanish (expires in 10 days) and all my gems and runes with them. Please advise.

Hey VagaInc,

There are different lengths of the play restrictions depending on what caused it.

To start, stay off the account for at least 48 hours since the last login attempt. It’s usually a good idea to go a little longer to make sure you’ve crossed the 48 hour mark.

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So there is no way to actually tell and see the Time remaining? This could lead to issues as, I have been told, if you log in while restricted then it resets the timer.

Unfortunately, not on the user side.

However, you can submit a ticket to support asking how much time is remaining. Just be clear that you are only asking for the duration, not to have the restriction lifted.

Thank you for your reply, They just closed a ticket where I asked and they didn’t answer that part.

Reopen it reiterating that you’d just like to know the duration.

Thanks again for your replies. I found no way to reopen the ticket so I made another one.

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