Reset contamination level, again

The patch said you had fixed the contamination reset problem. However, it still keeps resetting the level. Reset from 97 to 0 this morning and now reset level 45 to 0 tonight. This is not what we paid all that money for, money for game, money for battle pass, money for black cell and money for tokens. When will this issue be sorted?

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mine has done the same once on satirday night and agian tonight, getting absolutely peed off with this. why work hard to gain an advantage at the start of a game just for it to be rest. just topped 100 tonight to be reset to 0 next game. this game is a joke, glitches, server crashes (every week after an update) and now this crap.

Hey Gandy, please put this to activision not blizzard, blizzard has like no communication with activision and other which means lack of comm, gone forever.