Request to unsuspend your account

Blizzard emailed me the other day saying that I was abusing the game mechanics and suspended my account。
I’m a player who has been playing since the national server in 2020, and then moved to the Asian server, and I’ve always played dungeons and arenas, and I haven’t violated the rules of the game.
I haven’t affected anyone’s gaming experience, and I haven’t cheated or other behaviors, and I hope customer service will check the suspension.
First of all, according to the Code of Conduct, I have never been abusive or harassing or threatening, and I have almost closed the chat. Secondly, in terms of naming, none of my account names are insulting or offensive to others.
In terms of cheating, I’ve never used a third-party program script to execute the game, you can check it, it’s all my own hands, it’s just that it’s a holiday at the moment, so I’ve been using the random copy function in the game for a long time to brush up the dungeon upgrade, and I don’t think this violates any problems. As for transaction fraud, I never did it, and even my chat was closed. The account has never been shared with others to play and use, and there is no way to deliberately detract from the fun of others, I have always been a normal player, except for brushing copies or fighting battlefields with friends, 2v2 Arena has almost no other behavior, and I hope you can consider it carefully, what I said above can be verified, I believe that I have never violated the behavior, no matter which server I am on, I am a casual player, and I have not had any excesses.
The email said that I was suspended for abusing the game mechanics, probably because I only spent a lot of time scheduling random quest upgrades during this time. In addition, I only played the battlefield and the 2v2 arena, and there was no behavior that affected the playing experience of others, nor did I abuse the game mechanics, I just played World of Warcraft normally and enjoyed the game with my friends. If you think I’m abusing the game mechanics, please make it clear that I may have inadvertently crossed a red line.
I really think this is just a mistake.
Hopefully the account will be unblocked, I really need World of Warcraft to relax and communicate with friends, thank you so much.
Some people will think why I don’t go to Asia to appeal to customer service,unfortunately, I can’t get in touch with the live customer service at the moment, and most of the forms are repeating that I’m abusing the game mechanics, so I can only try it here, hoping to be seen and thank you for your patience in reading it.

Nothing can be done on the forums.

Refer to this Support article:

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So finally you have to rely on the fact that maybe the stuff will notice your message and appeal their decision?

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