Request to add Lutris/DXVK redirections for Linux users

Hi Blizzard developers. I have been a long time Blizzard fan and also a contributor to Vulkan API, Mesa drivers and other Linux components.

People on Linux are able to play all Blizzard titles on Linux using Lutris with better performance than on Windows.

  1. Things to understand how this works and clearing misconceptions
  • It is not an emulator, Lutris uses components like DXVK DXVK github that converts DirectX 9,10,11 calls to Vulkan which Linux can understand. and uses its custom builds to covert windows syscalls to Linux. Vulkan is a graphics API used even in Windows in Games like Rainbow Six siege, Red Dead redemption 2 and performance benchmarks are really great ! I personally get 300 FPS (high settings) in Overwatch on my 5700xt card on my Linux machine.
  1. Redirection -
  • I do understand Blizzard QA team and others can’t answer to questions when they are not creating a port themselves. However redirecting stuff to lutris download page to get Battle net installed, Issues can be redirected to Lutris/DXVK developers which will be really great so that it can be reported upstream on their github. This will also result issues to be reported in right hands rather than to the Blizzard Developers.
  1. Improving Documentation -
  • Blizzard has great Documentation and I can help improving that. For example to test pingpath can be easily run on linux with a ping command for example ping There are other parts of the documentation on Blizzard’s website that I won’t cover here.
  1. Benefits to Blizzard -
  • I do understand that despite great performance / great polished experience since years now blizzard can’t support these efforts officially as they are still not native, but this will result in clearing misconceptions, stop spam regarding support requests, will result issues to land at the right place rather than in the Blizzard forums, providing better install redirection to Linux users.
  1. Legitimacy

-Lutris is a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) project and is available in official repositories of most of the major Linux Distros. It was even granted an Epic Mega Grant by Epic Games in 2019.

-DXVK project has been sponsored by Valve and Valve also uses it in their official proton builds Valve proton