Reporting BattleTags in Hearthstone

Currently there is no in-game method for reporting an inappropriate or offensive BattleTag in Hearthstone. There is no interactivity with the other player’s BattleTag on the game screen, and the Support Site has no help available. I had just been matched with a player whose BattleTag was “bichslapper4” and immediately conceded the game, exited Hearthstone and proceeded to try to find a way to report the flagrantly offensive BattleTag. After going through the pages on BattleTags, the BattleTag Naming Policy, and the Code of Conduct I realized there is no way to report this. Even on the page for Reporting a Code of Conduct violation, Hearthstone is not available as a selection choice on the drop-down menu. Since interaction with other players in Hearthstone is so limited, the name is what we are drawn to immediately on entering a game, and an offensively vulgar or sexually suggestive name cannot be reported at this time.