Removing Authenticator


I opened a case back in 5/3 but it didn’t have a case ID anywhere in the reply I received. I did reply to it anyways.

A few days later, I opened a new case and I did get ID #91511355. I still haven’t received any replies but, can I please have someone help with removing the Authenticator from my account?

I changed my mobile device as well as my phone number so I’m unable to authenticate my login with the text message sent to my old number.

Thank you.

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Bliz doesn’t give a hoot about this. I’ve been cussing them out for over a year now – it breaks and has never worked right for me. I have it installed now, says it’s active and will not allow me to start my own group and sends me to the “activate” page . So stupid. I’d like to see the evidence that this improves game play and is a protection. Plus they never answer about the problems with this app.