Regional Pricing in Turkey

Hello, I’m Harun from Turkey. I’m writing this for all of people of my country that want to play your games but can’t. Recently, I have seen the game prices increased extremely and local pricing is ignored. Your reason for raising prices is to prevent your financial loss and people in other countries buying your games at a cheaper price, but it is unfair and wrong to charge people that want to buy these games living in that country. It should be your responsibility to stop such attempts and establish systems to stop them. As you know, aim of the local pricing is helping and assisting the community to play the games, making easy to afford for that country’s people. For example, I work at a supermarket for minimum wage (~5500 TRY) and if I want to buy the game it will cost me 1100 TRY. That means 1/5 of my salary and too expensive. In this case, you are giving us two options, do not play our games or buy our game at all costs.

Please forward this to your authorities, entertainment should be a motivation, not a luxury.

Thanks in advance, have a nice day.