Region-Altering Service (ExitLag/NoLag)

I recently moved to Japan, and my World of Warcraft characters are on a Chicago based server. I have run into a lot of issues with my latency, usually hanging around 250+. I have looked into using region-altering services such as ExitLag or NoLag to reduce my latency. I am very skeptical about using a service like this as I do not want to get banned.

I have over 365 days in game played time and I would be devastated to lose my WoW account due to something like this. I have looked into Blizzard ToS and do not see any rules against the use of a VPN/Region-Altering Service, but have heard stories of people being banned due to what appears to be “Account Sharing”.

Does anyone have any clarification on whether these programs are safe for use or if theres any other useful info/tips on lowering my latency without running the risk of negative action towars my account?