Regarding Blizzard

Playing WoW use to be great, we had active GM’s helping players when ever an issue arised. Now you have to wait days to months for a response. The quality of Blizzard and WoW has diminished. Blizzard just barely ‘up keeps’ the game. For those playing Classic WoW and stuck on a faction side that is dead have to just abandon the character we grinded to max level simply because our beloved developers refuse to release faction change and god forbid they release race change as well. The faction change alone would drastically help the quality of game experience for the servers that simply have a crappy faction side. Mean while Blizzard could be capitalizing on the fact that so many players want faction change and race change. Clearly Blizzard doesn’t support making easy money, the focus is more towards the pixel mounts you can purchase.

Moving onto the subject of Blizzard removing 50% xp boost. Why? You gain nothing from doing this. It was actually encouraging people to level and play other classes they’ve never played before. Once again Blizzard doesn’t care for its player base. They haven’t since what many would call the ‘good’ days.

This forum is for help installing and running very old Blizzard games like Diablo 2 (2000).

If you wish to provide feedback about WoW, you would want to post on the WoW forums.


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