Reforged goes alive - i lost my keys and cant add it


After new you realized new Warcraft, i lost my cd keys…
On this account i had added cd keys from ROC and Frozen Throne (few years ago), and i played on Bnet with my friends…
After Reforged goes alive, i lost it and now i dont have in my games ROC and Frozen as my games. When i try to add it again on my account i got the same problem few days all the time:

"This code has already been claimed!

You can only redeem a code once. If you didn’t already claim this code, please make sure you entered it correctly and try again.

For more information, please visit our Support Site."

Nobody have my cd keys except me and nobody can add it because only i have that keys, and nobody had ever seen them except me.

Can you help me please to solve this problem?
I really want to play on Battlenet with my old friends…