Recieved twitch drop but no way to download ow2pvp beta

it shows that i recieved the twitch drop 19 minutes ago, but ive yet to find a way to get into the new beta, the insructions from this point are vague som im looking for guidance in any way that might help me get the download started, i have tested scanning for updates and it does state the game is up to date


Did you also claim the drop on twitch? I have been waiting about 20 mins since I’ve claimed the beta and still no option to download. I am assuming it might take awhile to the servers to create the account especially since there are probably ALOT of players claiming their beta all at the same time.

ive claimed it on twitch i was just curious if there is a workaround,

I claimed it as well and I cant see it on the launcher

We’re all in the same boat then. I guess we will have to wait and see how long this takes.

It took like 25 minutes but it’s on my launcher now. I assume there are hella people all trying to redeem at once and it’s bogging them down.

dude I got mine through Karq’s stream my gf already got hers and its showing on the launcher i got mine and its not showing on the launcher and there is no gm helping with this

Its been an hour since i got mine and its still not showing up

well hopefully it works soon!

Make sure your Twitch Account is connected to your Blizzard Account. Meaning in your account settings connections for Blizzard, that Twitch is connected there.

My friend had better luck once both sides were connected.

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What if I connected my blizzard account to my twitch after I already claimed the drop? Do you think I’ll still be able to receive the beta?


I claimed the beta invite on twitch last night, over 10 hours ago now, according to the twitch Inventory area. My correct Blizzard account is still linked as well. But, a Download or Link for install, etc, it is not showing up anywhere I can find on my launcher or account email as of this morning. Just wondering as well, what we need to do for a fix !! :slight_smile: !!

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in the same boat as many other people now, 12+ hours in, everything is linked and i still do not have beta access. glad i could help contribute to the marketing campaign. i just wish i had my sweet little treat to enjoy. oh well, back to hunt showdown.

My accounts are connected correctly, I received beta access via Twitch, it has been over 2 hours and I have no updates and no OW2 in the dropdodwn…