Received dubious SMS from Blizzard

First of all, I’m not sure if this issue fits here, but since I did not manage to find any account related discussion threads, I thought it’s best to post here, I apologise in advance if it’s not the case.

Today at around 00:10 GMT+2 I received an SMS stating the following:
"Your account has been locked. Visit account Management to unlock it.

-Blizzard Entertainment

I was sleeping ofc I only saw the message when I got up, and then I saw that I received a mail as well, from Blizzard at 00:07 GMT+2.

This e-mail was titled “Help us keep your Blizzard Account safe with a security check”, and in the body it was detailing about a “recent login attempt with my blizz account”.

From what I gather, I should think that somebody around that time was trying to access my Blizzard account, and it got locked.

But when I logged in recently, there everything seems to be fine, and the security log only detailed my login (not attempts).

So my question is, does your account automatically unlock when you successfully log in? Is my account safe now? Is there any way to find out who or from where my account was attempted? last but not least is this a legit blizzard procedure?

Thank you

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