Readme Error Please Help

I can’t start COD: Modern Warfare, everytime it says “DirectX encountered an unexpected error. Check the readme for possible solutions.” Firstoff there is no readme anywhere to be found, next I have tried every. single. damn. option. that has been recommended, nothing has worked. I can open the launcher, click “Play” it opens a tab asking if I would like to run the game in safemode clicking yes or no doesn’t change anything, the game will give a screen that looks like its loading. then while the bar is progressing it will stop and give me the message stated at the top, this has to be a bug with the launcher, please give actual advice. I have tried -d3d11, -d3d12, deleting player file, scanning and repairing, shutting down pc and router and wifi all together, uninstall and reinstall, and nothing has worked, no Youtube vid has explained anything, no forum post and the contact us page doesn’t give responses. Please help, I spent $40 USD on this game.


Same here. Did you figure anything out?

same it took 13 hours just to download and then i couldnt get into the game just got a new pc and still wont work please fix this its actually so annoying