Razer Raiju TE Controller not working with Battle.net games?!

Hello there,

I don’t where I might get help so I hope I am not completely missing the topic here …

I ordered the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition for PS4 and PC and tried to set it up on my pc. I installed the latest firmware update from the official Razer homepage and followed the instructions on how to connect the Raiju to the PC. So far so good … It looks like the Battle.Net Application doesn’t recognize the Raiju as an input device. I tried to play Destiny 2 on Steam with the controller and it works without any problems. I also contacted Razer towards this issue but I am kinda guessing that they will be referring to Blizzard so I really hope that you have some answers for me! I am worried about not being able to use the Raiju for my Battle.net-Games, which is … bad :confused:

Thank you very much!


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I’m having the same issue with my Razer raiju TE.
Did you end up getting this resolved? @PREdiction