Razer Raiju TE Controller not working with Battle.net games?!

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I don’t where I might get help so I hope I am not completely missing the topic here …

I ordered the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition for PS4 and PC and tried to set it up on my pc. I installed the latest firmware update from the official Razer homepage and followed the instructions on how to connect the Raiju to the PC. So far so good … It looks like the Battle.Net Application doesn’t recognize the Raiju as an input device. I tried to play Destiny 2 on Steam with the controller and it works without any problems. I also contacted Razer towards this issue but I am kinda guessing that they will be referring to Blizzard so I really hope that you have some answers for me! I am worried about not being able to use the Raiju for my Battle.net-Games, which is … bad :confused:

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I’m having the same issue with my Razer raiju TE.
Did you end up getting this resolved? @PREdiction

I’m also experiencing the same issue. Did anyone find a solution meanwhile ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Just got my Raiju TE today… ‘Plug and Play on PC’

Well that’s just not true at all is it. Drivers installed fine. Was already on the latest firmware. Works fine launching a Steam game, but trying to play COD is just impossible. It doesn’t see the controller.

Launching the game via Steam doesn’t work either.

Got mine yesterday and got it to work.

Step 1 - install driver from Razer support website. The driver will crash your pc, to avoid doing so AS SSON AS YOU INSTALL THE DRIVER RESTART YOUR PC
Step 2 - connect and enjoy.