Rant about blizzard

So i get a penalty for leaving games. You know how dumb that is? You make a player sit threw games that they dont want to play rather because they on a losing strike bad teammates or whatever. That just makes those players either throw the game because they cant leave because if they do they get a penalty are they just start getting toxic. In Comp i can get this rule but the other modes come on quick play is supposed to be quick play ppl dropping in and out for a quick game. There also all the recent ban for ppl saying adult words. Why have a muture filter that you have to purposely turn off signaling your old enough to handle such words but as soon as they hear one they want to report? If they turn it off they should be held just as accountable as the player saying the word if they cant handle it. You need to get some real humans to answer your support tickets also. Why do i need to go to twitter or somewhere else to get someone to answer a question and they let everyone know what you said or done or whatever it is. Don’t your Code of Conduct say that you are resonsable for what is said and done on your account? Then why is it that when you make a suppot ticket to find this out you get no info on your account yet they will openly discuss it on twitter or elsewhere for everyone to see. You do know the games you make are about killing and slaying demons, monsters, bad guys and so forth but a adult word said in chat even if not directed to anyone is frowned on. Didnt know i was playing a game made for kids like roblox. I think blizzard should remove or have a option to remove the shop button also i dont plan on spending a penny more on anything made by blizzard after all the lies and power trips they have been on latley.

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I think Blizz should give us credit for all of the damn downtime they do for launching their new wow content I mean every week they take away from the players time without any credit. I have been paying them since Burning Crusade and I for one am about to call it quits because of their greediness.

Folks seem to have gotten a bit lost on the way to the game forums. This forum is for the API data that is used for third party apps and addons. For games, you want to post on the forums for that game.

Your WoW subscription has always factored in Maint time every month. We don’t pay by the minute. It is expected that there WILL be down time every week, just like there has been for 20 years. They set up the price based on it.

They also have not raised the price in 20 years, despite inflation. I mean, they COULD do that. Adjust the price for inflation then “discount” for maintenance. I don’t think you would like the outcome though. It would cost more.

If you wish to suggest to Blizzard that they adjust the price of WoW montly subs, you can do that on the WoW forums.

If you wish to provide feedback about OW, you will want to post on the OW forums.