Randomly blocking accounts

My Asia Server Battle.net World of Warcraft account was blocked for no reason due to insufficient manpower and using AI detection. It was permanently blocked without prior warning or temporary blocking. Furthermore, even after I appealed, I could not provide any evidence that I had violated the regulations and was dismissed with just one sentence. , and then blocked the form complaint function of my Battle.net account and the article posting function in the discussion forum, prohibiting me from venting my complaints and dissatisfaction through any channels. If your company uses this method to continue the game, it will only continue to chill more old players and lose more old players. Players have caused your game to no longer be played, thank you

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Isn’t it just wonderful how little help blizzard is? I’ve been waiting a week to get my overwatch 2 account unlocked just to be told that they don’t have enough information. Then get asked to provide information that I haven’t thought about, doesn’t exist and have had no need to know since I started my battle.net account. Literally abysmal costumer support backed by the fact that it took me ages to find out how to send in a ticket/find a way to get help from somebody at blizzard. Now I have to wait another week to get a response on my ticket again which will surely just hit me with another “WE NEED MORE INFORMATION” like they don’t have logs of only me signing in from the EXACT same location…

If there is a dispute about who the proper account holder is, or you are asking for account changes, they do ask for verification.

If you received an email related to that - DO NOT REPLY via email. They really mean that. Use a ticket. You will want to re-open the first ticket if you can. If not, open a new one and start by referencing the old ticket number.

Re-opened tickets go into a faster queue.

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Yes, Blizzard has written down their rules after you registered their account and we have agreed to these rules of conduct, but when they block your account they will only tell you that you violated their rules, and It’s not about specifying what norms you violated or providing evidence that you violated their norms, but the reason they gave is to prevent others from taking advantage of these norms by disclosing them. This makes it seem like they are blocking accounts. And blocking accounts is not a norm to make the gaming environment better.