Raid needs 8 people? well uninstall i guess

Well i know that immortal is a simi-fun simi-skill pay to win game. Got to level 37 and the story was okay so far but cant continue with the story now. So I guess the part where you have to find 8 other people to continue is a good uninstall place. Rate the game 3 out of 10. Please dont F up D4 like this!

Why do you need 8 to continue? You can complete main quest solo

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I’m level 58 and have finished the main quest line. I still haven’t challenged Helliquary which is the thing that requires a group of 8…and yes, I agree that trying to get 8 strangers together at one time for a raid is a major pain in the a$$. I guess that is why they came up with Warbands, but I have applied to many and never been accepted. I think they will go away.

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Not sure what you’re talking about. I didn’t do Lassal until AFTER I was level 60… There a few points where you MUST level up FIRST to unlock more of the story. Considering you gave up at level 37, that says a lot more about you than it does about the game.