Quicker Play, Mauga, Support Passive & The State of OW2

I have never been more disappointed in the Overwatch developers than I am tonight. After weeks of an unbearable Mauga Meta, winter tickets inaccessible to many players, our consolation prize? Sniper Orisa, “Quicker Play,” taking the place of the game’s casual mode as the most frustrating, chaotic, pointless exercise in cheap gimmicks, Illari being so bugged she needed to be disabled & an announcement they’re going to be destroying the importance of roles & teamwork in the game at the start of season 9. So many creators & players have given wonderful feedback on how to revitalize the game – penalize streamers with a history of toxicity by removing their ability to host drops, require verification for top 500 to prevent individual players from taking up multiple spaces, add an objective score along with rank to give high-rank players something to grind to that isn’t t500, & it all just gets ignored for this garbage.

I don’t even want to think about what an “everyone has a support passive” meta will be like. It will make every role fundamentally worse unless you main dive. Poke & chip damage will be even more useless than they are now. One thing I’ve heard is that this will take pressure off of supports, but in fact, it will do the opposite as it will encourage players to break L.O.S. in hopes of triggering the passive & getting killed even more often in low rank while making the role virtually moot. Main tanks likely won’t even get to benefit from the passive at all due to their frontline nature. It will result in, at best, a HARD dive, Ana / Kiri meta & at worst, it will kill the game. I don’t know who they’re making these changes for.

If you don’t want to play a team game, play something else. I would be okay with them adding more deathmatch-style modes, but this is asinine.


Bro, this game isn’t worth playing anymore. Mauga is op as hell still… They truly don’t care and it’s just a cash grab at this point.