Quicker Play feedback

Your announcement said to leave feedback on the “Quicker Play” changes. So here’s mine:

In one word: Awful
In two words: It sucks

I need to ask: What was the goal here with “Quicker Play?”
It’s not more fun, and it wants me to quit playing faster. And not play again until this awful experiment is over.

Full disclosure: I almost exclusively play quick play. Competitive is not for me, because I want to have fun playing a game, not worry about a win/loss record. Games are supposed to be a fun form of recreation. Why play any game if you’re not having fun? But that’s just me.

Quicker play increases how fast you respawn and how fast objectives are completed/captured.
So it makes the games faster overall. Is this good? Do we want games to go by faster? If the game is fun, why make it go faster?

Quicker Play does not increase the ability cool downs, or your ultimate charge. So, you end up using less abilities per game and maybe… maybe you get one ult per round.

So… faster play, faster objectives, little to no abilities and no ults. Sounds like another game: Call of Duty. If I want to play CoD, I’ll play it, but I want to play Overwatch and use my heroe’s abilities and Ultimates. It’s what makes Overwatch fun. And this mode takes that away.

I’ll wait till this Quicker Play mode is over before I get open Overwatch again.


I agree with all that is above. “Experience more team fights, more games.” Experience the game ending as soon as it starts. There really had to be no thoughts going into this. I do not personally like this. It is worse than flashpoint in my opinion. You cannot even get into the game. It’s just this mess and then you are back to the lobby. You should incorporate this into ranked, it would be a good troll. Good weekend to check out some of the newer games out there.


Bro you can’t even defend a point in this mode. It’s garbage. Can’t wait til they get rid of this mode.


Hard no on this game mode.
You get one, MAYBE two team fights tops, and a capture point map is over.

I’d just gotten back to OW, and then this kind of dunks on the bit of fun I was getting.


Quicker play is miserable. It leads to more waiting in queue, less playing the game, less time to adapt to your opponents, less everything. Shorter respawns is nice generally, of course there are exceptions, but that is a positive. However the mode has been very unfun for me and my friend group, ESPECIALLY when getting set as defense. Winning as defense has felt impossible. So the only mode that sdoesn’t swap you between defense and offence mid game has given one side a huge disadvantage. Poorly thought out and implemented mode, that would be bad even if it were done with more grace. Blizz please don’t try this again.


The best part about this game mode will be when it’s removed


Personally I enjoy the faster movements of the character esprecially pharah feeld great cruising through the air and shooting. The payload does not need to roll on faster however…

Honestly find this whole game mode to be forcefed to the general populace of OW players. The game modes are so fast I spend more time in lobby waiting for queue to pop, can’t win any sprays for any heroes since by the time I have AN ult, the game or the round has ended. Payload maps are being rolled by attack teams with orisa and doomfist who only have to literally PUSH you off the objective to move it to your checkpoints, leaving ZERO options for playing any of the heroes you like unless you want to be steamrolled into another loss to wait out another long queue. This mode needs removing, particularly in the aspect of it not being an arcade mode option. Considering quitting this game permanently for this god awful mode.

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I agree wholeheartedly with FatalExcptn. I only play QP – and this new mode is really not fun at all. It feels like an arcade game mode.

PLEASE BLizzard please don’t make any of the changes in Quicker Play. It’s not fun at all - nothing feels challenging, or friendly, it feels like I’m in a lobby waiting to play BETWEEN games.

Quick Play was a place you could go to have fun playing the game both casually AND seriously, just not as serious as competitive.

Because it’s so quick, you don’t have time to think, make decisions, god forbid communicate with your team.

Please Blizzard, just please don’t listen to the negative voices only. So many people have fun with QP as it was and they don’t go online to Reddit or this forum to sing QP praises. So you can’t just go changing something that ain’t broke bc a lot of online negative-nancy-arm-chair-game-devs say “its too long.”

But yes, the 3point map mode IS really long and annoying, but not the rest of QP.

If you ruin QP like this…I won’t be able to play OW anymore. My favorite game since 2016…


I am so on board with this. I play QP almost exclusively, it’s a tablestakes mode with quick simple (as simple as OW can be any way) matches. Why Blizzard would override such a casual well established mode, I have no clue. This is definitely up there in some of the dumbest moves the team could have made.

I get the need to experiment and evolve, but this is awful and the queue times SHOW that barely anyone even wants to play this. I usually got queues back to back in NA on PC yesterday I had 7/8 minute queues for QP and the games barely lasted as long. It feels impossible to turn a game around, and things like swapping are basically now no longer viable since you are throwing away the one ult charge you will be able to build all of that game.

It is awful, it should have never been released without regular QP still being available.

I always played OW since release as well and have enjoyed most of the changes that many people actually write angry posts about. I really don’t mind, but this is the most important mode in all of the game to me and Blizz basically took the entire game away from me, a game I love playing several hours of nearly every day.

Folks, this forum is for feedback about the Desktop App you use to launch your Blizzard games.

If you want to give feedback about a specific game, you need to post on the forums for that game. There are no game devs here on the Battlenet section of the forums at all.

There is a pinned thread about Quickplay at the top.


That explains a lot lmao thanks for pointing this out

ya its kinda painhead