Queue to login to app to play games I paid for

I’m trying to login to my battle.net launcher to play the games I’ve not only paid for but some I need to pay $15 a month to play and I’ve been sitting in a login queue for over 10 minutes now.

This is absolutely trash service especially since this is the only company still charging monthly fees to play some of their games. I’m cancelling all my game subs and will not purchase any game offered through bnet again.

Good Day Sir!

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A game that, stay with me, has servers.
This is normal for any big launch.
Best of luck to you!

really dont mind a queue but just bothers me it says less than 1 minute and its been 20 min. At least give real estimation.

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Eh, Blizzard would be better served by more frequently apologizing rather than ignoring. Quoting the current message:

We are aware of an issue that is affecting our authentication servers, which may result in slow or failed login attempts. We are currently investigating the cause will provide updates as soon as they are available.

Now, there are times where Blizz isn’t directly responsible for the issues, such as various DDOS attacks… buuuuut, Blizz has also overplayed that card, abandoning responsibility to outsider actors on times where the evidence points to internal issues.

So, TL;DR - Blizz screws up, and yes, that happens. And sometimes Blizz is affected by bad actors, and yes, that ALSO happens. Blizz very rarely takes an effort to communicate it well with it’s players, and often shirks responsibility (STILL not being mentioned in the Xitter or support community as an example).

So, a polite complaint and voting with their dollars seems fair and justified. Other recent games have done a lot more with a lot less $$$ than Blizz lately.

FTR - been in “que” of less than 1 minute for over 30 myself. But I’m not at the point of cancelling, just pissed that as usual Blizz is trying to keep it as quiet as possible on Social Media rather than admitting anything is wrong.

I totally agree. Who knew that giving people a free demo of a current AAA game like Diablo 4 would cause server issues? Every company does this, they don’t want to spend more on server capacity for something “temporary” like launch day or a free demo and the service suffers. The really sad thing is you can buy extra temp server capacity, it just costs more.