Queue over 1 million

for the last 2 days I’ve been unable to make or join games, when I try to make a game I am in queue of 1 million plus and when I try to join games with friends I am told no new games can be made at this time

It would be useful if you would tell us which game this is for… and what region, if applicable.

D2 LOD USEAST harcore ladder

OK - I didn’t have a hardcore ladder hero so I made one on USEast. I was able to create a new 1-player game almost immediately.

Do you have other non hardcore heroes on USEast ? Can you make 1-player game with them ? (ie, is it only USEast Hardcore)

Have you tried creating games on other realms ? Did it work ?

Could it be some sort of temporary restriction ?

all of my accounts are having this issue but i have a buddy that has logged into my accounts and he was able to create and join without issue from my account


I think your IP has been restricted… if I’m right, you need to wait it out. There is some information in this Support note : Diablo II Error: Your connection has been temporarily restricted - Blizzard Support

With luck, one of the Blizzard rep will come by and perhaps confirm it. You can also send in a ticket to ask whether your IP is restricted; see the post by Leviathan on how to proceed… here: D2 Why are we still getting banned for relogging too fast - #5 by Leviathan-1945

Not sure what the response time will be… especially with all the issues related to the Overwatch 2 beta at the moment.

Good luck !

with an IP ban, wouldnt that prevent me from logging in all together?
ive had temp bans before and it would not let me login, i can log in, select a character, join chat, just cannot join or create games

ok - don’t know then… sorry.

boop there we go again

tried today and USEast is still not allowing me to make or join but USWest will. hope a GM notices this and gives some insight