Queue? Are you serious?

I got booted from the middle of Campaign on the first day I’ve played COD BOCW. It logged me out and put me in line for logging back in. I don’t know if I can express how pissed off I am right now. I paid for a game and I can’t play because of this??? This is insane! I’ve been gaming for 25 years on PC and have never heard of such a thing. Please tell me this is a crash and not an actual planned action by Blizzard.

WTF!!! I’ll be especially sure to NEVER buy another Blizzard game if this is how you (insert your own derogatory name here) run things.

Do you people just accept this as how things are?

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Blizzard is under a DDOS attack, everything’s crashed.

I hope that is true. Maybe they need a different message when servers are down then. Saying you have to wait in line to log in is a surefire way to piss people off.