Question about the banning system

I didn’t know where to put this but it is about blizzard related. sorry its in the bug section.

The banning system. Just like every games banning system, they’re always questionable about how they work/run

After receiving a ban myself and knowing what i have said via chat/vc. How can blizzard prove that you are guilty of “abusive chat.” when most cases like mine is when Someone does not liking the way you type how they play. EX: in over watch I’ve seen sayings like " no heals" or “terrible heals” “gg - after a bad round” when there’s no use of cussing, racisms, or such], can result in you getting a ban after many cases of this happening.

P.S this is not me talking about an appeal or ban type i was just using it as a reference. Please don’t respond with that i am discussing it, i just want a solid answer to help my point. - thanks