Quest attributes

Does a quest have a previous/next attribute for when it is in a ‘chain’?
Running into a situation that one party member is ineligible to pick up a quest because they missed a previous quest. I wanted to look into that through the API if possible.

Hi Silloh,

You can use the quest API to retrieve a quest by ID, and then lookup the other quests in the chain by accessing the data for the quests “category”.

Leads to:

I hope this helps.

It was brought to my attention that the list of quests in the Quest Category document may not be sufficient for this use-case as the order/index may not be guaranteed to represent ordering of quests in the chain. If you find that this document does not meet you use-case please do let us know so that we can consider alternatives for future updates.


I will pursue this. Thanks

I would love to see this feature implemented. I’m working on character/account profiler-type application and being able to track progress like this would be great.

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I completely support this request. When fetching a quest through the API, there is a “Requirements” field with the min/max character level, but it would be perfect if it also contained IDs of preliminary quests that need to be completed first.

Since we are speaking about quest attributes, it would be nice to identify main quests from “filler” quests. For example, at Orcs/Trolls starting zone Valley of Trials, the quests to gather cactus apples and knock lazy peons doesn’t lead to anything (I would consider fillers), whereas Sting of the Scorpid (6451) unlocks Vile Familiars (25131) which eventually unlocks Report to Sen’jin Village (25133) leading you to the next quest hub.

But the first request (IDs of preliminary quests) would be a manual workaround for this, as I could browse all quests of a specific Area and identify the one leading to another Area. Cascading back through preliminary quest IDs I could find the matching quest suite.