Que to get into d4 (just to get to character screen)

diablo 4 having issues joining for multiple, after opening launcher from diablo 4 being force closed, found and update ready. updated and now que is saying timed out.
code 300008 is what the “login attempt has timed out” is saying.


Cant login in either got thrown out for an update and cant get past 1 min to get in cue on screen keeps timing out.

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I’m having the exact same problem as Zeroz. I updated and went to return and got code
300008 as well.

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same here, game force close and updated. stocking at character select over 30 min now.

Yep over 30 here too

I reach the minus 1 minute, then get passed it, then either it says my account is locked or it continues to load despite the timer going down. Sometimes it will add time, and resume being 1 or 2 minute wait before returning to zero. 70 or more dollars, feels wasted in times like these. hope its fixed soon, its launch night and I would love to have a turn.

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Yeah, same problem here.
I was in the middle of a dungeon and tried to go back to town. Failed to load into town and was sent back into the dungeon except nothing worked. Tried to relog and now I can’t get in at all.

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Bump… apparently many are having this issue now.

Time out on login attempt. Please try again message and “error 300008”

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same here sometimes I think it is ha ha we dont care we already got your money

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Gotta love “bug” fixes that break the game. Why the hell not ruin the game on server day. But Blizzard has a history of terrible choices.

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queued for game from 2 mins, to 1 to 3-4-5-6-7 to pending. from 7 to game launch. from 1 to pending to never launching. umm… this could be a lot better. and based on the money this game has brought in. you should have an idea that A TON OF PEOPLE will be on this game. please allow the space for us to play as i’ve had a lot of friends say they are going to bed, done waiting queues and i’m here an hour later wondering wtf is going on. this time i got queued from 4 mins going down to code 300202. idk why or what that means. just know we all paid for a game and we’d like for it to work.


I am seeing the same thing and now getting, “Your account is currently locked. Please wait a few minutes and try again. (Code 395002)”

What I want to know is, why my account got locked in the first place?

So why are you posting about that on the Diablo I forums?

A simple search…

The very first link returned…

when you reach the character selection you can see your character? i cant see my character and cant create another… and i have to close the client.
anyone with the same issue? i tried everything

Except using the Diablo IV forums, you mean?